January 1, 2008

the top 10 Olympic stories

Following a month of public voting and panelist assessments, the 2007 Top Ten News Stories of the Beijing Olympic Games were unveiled Monday night. The most popular report involves volunteer recruitment for the Games.

The results are as follows:

1) "Smile Wristbands for Olympic Volunteers are unveiled, 700,000 people register as volunteers"

2) "Jade-inlaid medals for the Beijing Olympics embody Chinese characteristics"

3) "Planned torch relay routes for the Beijing Olympics and Paralympics are released"

4) "Pictograms for the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games are unveiled"

5) "With 21,888 torchbearers, the Beijing Olympic Games will have the largest number of torchbearers in the history of the Olympic Games"

6) "2007 'Good Luck Beijing' sport events examine Olympic preparation work comprehensively"

7) "Creative phase of the Opening and Closing Ceremonies ends"

8) "Beijing sends invitations to the world at the one-year countdown celebrations to the Beijing Olympic Games"

9) "17th CPC National Congress calls for successful Beijing Olympics and Paralympics in 2008"

10) "The slogan 'I participate, I contribute and I enjoy' becomes a feature of the campaign under the theme of 'Welcome the Olympics, Improve Manners and Foster New Attitudes'"

will follow this with top 10 wishes and top 10 key terms used and popular ....

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