December 24, 2007

Culinary delights @ Beijing Olympics

Foreign athletes famished for Chinese food may find their appetites are not satisfied in the Olympic Village during next year's Games, according to a menu distributed by the organizer.

Asian-style food including Chinese, Japanese and Korean dishes would together account for 30 percent of the menu designed for athletes in the Olympic Village," said Xiang Ping, deputy director in charge of the Games Service Department of the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games (BOCOG).

She said that a preliminary menu had been drawn up and sent for expert appraisal, with results expected next month. "Western food will comprise most of the menu," she said.
She did not disclose whether the famous Beijing roasted duck or Kung Pao Chicken (diced chicken with peanuts) would appear on the menu.

Xiang said that there would be no religious segregation, such as a special Muslim canteen, in the Olympic Village. "The International Olympic Committee has suggested to BOCOG that the Games' spirit of sharing and harmony should surpass religious distinctions," said Xiang.
She said the menu would designate special dishes for athletes with religious dietary requirements.


MW (My Wish) said...

Food..better to have more to choose from than none. Beijing in August can be dry and hot so they'd better provide lots of fruit!

E.L. Wisty said...

Hi Ram,

Well, I guess the athletes can drop by the closest restaurant if they want the local cuisine.

Happy New Year, all the best for 2008!