January 5, 2008

Top 10 wishes @ Beijing olympics

after the Top 10 stories, now the Top 10 wishes ...

1) "I wish Liu Xiang will become an Olympic champion"

2) "I want to become a torchbearer for the Beijing Olympics"

3) "I wish I could watch the Olympic opening and closing ceremonies together with my family and friends"

4) "I wish the Olympics success"

5) "I want to pose for a photo in front of the newly-built Olympic venues"

6) "I wish the Chinese women's volleyball team will successfully defend their Olympic title"

7) "I wish for smooth road traffic"

8) "Count me as an Olympic volunteer"

9) "I want to be photographed with sport stars and get an autographed copy"

10) "I want to exchange Olympic pins with friends from other countries"

soon the Top 10 key terms ............

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