October 11, 2007

East vis-a-vis West

A very interesting email hit my mailbox, this was a caricature based comparion of the various attributes of the Easterners (China, Malays, Indonesians, Thai, India .... mostly Asians) and of the Westerners ( i guess mostly eurpoeans).
Though some of them you don't tend to agree fully, but this brings smile and a nod to most of our lips. This was concieved by Liu Young, born in China & Educated in Germany.
The BLUE coloured ones depict Westerners
The RED coloured ones depict Easterners.

on Opinion :-

on Way of Life :-

on Punctuality :-

on Contacts :-

on Anger :-

on Queue when waiting :-

on Me :-

on Sundays on the road :-

on Party :-

on Inside a restaurant :-

on Travel :-

on Handling of problems :-

on Three meals a day :-

on Transporation :-

on Elderly in day to day life :-

on Shower timings :-

on Moods and Weather :-

on The BOSS :-

on What's trendy :-

on The Child :-

on Things that are new :-

Do you agree ? .............