September 7, 2007

Short Codes - short circuited ?

What was the response you got on the last ODI between India & England when you SMS'd for the scores?

Did you check your stars and sun signs this week, using your AstroLive SMS?

Was this the reply you got ....“Please send your message to a different number. The numbers have changed as per a government order”.

Mobile VAS industry (estimated at INR 4560 Crores) is claiming the recently implemented rule of adding an extra digit '#5' in all the short codes by TRAI, is hurting their revenues & for the telecom operators as well.

They also claim the operators have Pre-installed the Short Codes for an estimated 120 Million subscribers for accesing their LIVE services through these short codes and it'll be really expensive and time consuming exercise for changing these physically.

But a visit to the TRAI website indicates the Operators & VAS service providers have been given time since 31st July 2006.

The content providers and the operators could have used the technology platform in educating the users of these services atleast indicating to alter the Short codes in near future. Though one might argue its not possible to inform all subscribers, they could have atleast informed people availing these services using their already existing software tools.

Looks like the providers wake up only in the last moment, inspite of of extension in deadlines by TRAI.

So much for customer care ............

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